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Beginner/ Intermediate Visual Effects Workflow Seminar (MPEG)
Date: Sunday January 22, 2012
Time: 10:30 AM
Location: MPEG, Seminar Room - 7715 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles

Presented by Scott Anderson, Visual Effects Editor
The seminars will be presented for all participants who would like to familiarize themselves with the various aspects of the job of a VFX editor, are interested in becoming a VFX editor or would like to improve their skill set in this field. 
We will focus on the job of a VFX editor in feature films but the information will be applicable to those working in other formats. 
We will discuss the interaction that a VFX editor has with picture editorial, the VFX department, the scanning facility and the vendor creating the shots. Also, there will be discussion on the preparation for DI, final delivery along with workflow techniques that can increase your productivity without increasing your workload. 
This seminar brings the following topics for discussion:
•What are the responsibilities of a VFX editor.
•VFX editorial workflow between picture editorial, VFX department, scanning facilities and vendors.
•The use of databases.
•The pros and cons of a VFX editor using third party software like After Effects to create shots.
•The process of turning over shots to vendors
•The process of receiving shots from vendors.
•Preparing for DI and final delivery.
The seminar will be presented in the form of a lecture with several breaks for Q&A. 
Participants are highly encouraged to contact Scott Anderson at with any topics they would like to discuss in the seminar or any general questions they have about the seminars or workshops. 
Scott Anderson has a degree in Television and Film Production from San Diego State University and has worked on a variety of different projects as a Visual Effects Editor. Credits include: Mimzy, Charlotte's Web, The Italian Job, Men In Black 2, Jurassic park 3, Gladiator, Armageddon, and City of Angels. 
There will be an Advanced Seminar that will take place later in the afternoon from 3:00PM to 6:00PM. CLICK HERE to attend.
We will also be providing workshops on the same topic on January 28th and 29th. The workshops are 6 hours and will provide more in depth hands-on training in a lab format. Computers and software will be provided. Check the calendar for the workshops scheduled on January 28th and 29th.

Contact: Serena Kung
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