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Post, Coast to Coast podcast. Episode 2. (updated 6-26-2019)

post-coast-to-coast-visual-3Join us for our new podcast series:

Sustaining Local 700 membership engagement and broadening education.

A brief introduction from Membership Outreach Committee co-chairs Molly Shock (Picture Editor) and Stephanie Brown (Sound Editor) from the Town Hall Membership Meeting in Los Angeles along with a note of personal thanks from National Executive Director Cathy Repola.

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Get to Know Your Board of Directors (updated 5-15-2019)

Get to know your Board of Directors!  Read a brief bio and get contact information for your representatives (login required).

BOD Announcement

Post, Coast to Coast podcast. Episode 1 (updated 3-5-2019)

post-coast-to-coast-visual-3Join us for our new podcast series:

Sustaining Local 700 membership engagement and broadening education.

Taking a look ahead with National Executive Director Cathy Repola and Western Executive Director Scott George.  This year we’ll be addressing long work hours on pilots and first season scripted shows, hosting Townhall Meetings, continuing contract education, organizing and discovering what topics the membership would like to be educated on for future podcasts.

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Members can now upload a PDF resume (updated 2-5-19)

Employers and members search the online membership database on a daily basis. It is important to keep your profile and contact information up-to-date.

Members have the option to upload up to three different PDF Resumes to their profiles. It is recommended to use a naming convention so employers can easily determine the difference in resumes.  Ie. VFX Resume, Assistant Editor Resume, Sound Designer resume, ADR Resume, etc.

PDF Resume

What is a PROFILE vs RESUME?

Your profile is accessible by the general public (unless you specify otherwise). Adding Credits, Work History and Specializations will display in the Advanced Member Search. 

When logged in, members can also see your contact information and uploaded PDF resume.

Prospective employers and members searching the Available for Work List see all of the above plus Professional Summary, Certifications, References, Skills/Systems, Languages and Notes when provided.

What is the advantage of filling out all of the sections of the profile if you have already uploaded your own resume?

Prospective employers can search based on classification, skills, specializations, languages, region and “keywords.”  Some employers look for very specific skillsets, so it is highly suggested to always complete the specializations and skills section to ensure your profile is found. 

Additional information can be found at


What does the interface of the Available for Work List look like?


Once Search Criteria has been generated, employers have the ability to save their notes, save contact info for future use and search a member’s network.

Search Member’s Network (updated 2-5-19)

Make this feature more useful by adding additional crew members to your credits or work history.  It’s easier for an employer to hire someone they have a personal connection with.  If you enter crew members you’ve worked with, this might help provide referral opportunities.

Example: In my Credit, I listed Scott George as a fellow crew member.  Because he is in the Guild’s database, his name is a hyperlink and is linked to his profile.

Of our 8,200 active members, we currently have approximately 7,900 members with passwords to the website.  Of those, 4,200 have completed a profile.  

Your participation will help make the Guild’s site the number one resource for hiring post production professionals!

Advanced member search (updated 2-5-19)

The Advanced Member Search function is more concise and allows members to search specifically for members by name, classification, region, affiliation, agent and a phonetic search if unsure of spelling.


Contract Summary – Improved Navigation (updated 2-5-19)


View all the summaries at:


MPEG Event Notifications (updated 6-22-18)

Define your MPEG event notifications

Define how you prefer to receive your notifications in the My Profile section of the Guild’s website. Select the "Notifications" tab and choose to have these announcements sent to you via email, text, or not at all.

Email (or Text) Notices

An email (or text) notification for upcoming events will be sent to all ACTIVE members. Only “Screening” category events will be sent to both ACTIVE and RETIRED.

Event notices will be sent either from MPEG Events (Screening and Social/Networking categories) or MPEG Education (Training/Technology and Educational). All subject lines will start with MPEG: [Title of Event].

To find your notifications, you can easily sort your mail by either sender or subject.

Screenings and Social/Networking announcements will be sent from MPEG Events (
Educational and Training/Technology announcements will be sent from MPEG Education (

Event digest reminders will be sent weekly in Los Angeles and monthly in New York and can be turned on or off at your discretion as well.

You can also choose how you receive Promotional Advertising (, your CineMontage magazine (, and your quarterly invoice ( in the same section.

And we suggest that you add the domain to your white list so you can continue to receive our updates.

Stay Informed About Upcoming Events (updated 6-22-18)

Home Page Toolkit Calendar
The Toolkit lists the two most current upcoming events in both Los Angeles and New York.

Website Calendar

Subscribe to the Calendar
This feature updates your personal calendar when events are posted, and is updated in real time. These links were just improved, so you will need to "unsubscribe" and "resubscribe" using the new east and west coast links, as shown here.

Event Order
All events are listed in chronological order for two calendar months. Events are color coordinated by region. Los Angeles is red and New York is purple.

Calendar Views
Members can narrow the view of this info by selecting Event Type or Event Region.

You can also choose to view your calendar either by Day or Monthly view.

My Reservations
You can easily change your reservation by visiting My Profile > Announcements or the Calendar if you need to change your RSVP. Due to the large number of no shows at events, maximum reservations are set to be exceeded. This prevents us from guaranteeing a seat even though you’ve RSVPd.

Please login to review your settings as changes have recently been applied.  Previous notification selections may have been altered.  Our apologies for any inconvenience!