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George Villasenor
Assistant Editor
April 23, 1931 – May 14, 2009

George Villasenor
Assistant editor George Villasenor passed away on May 14 after fighting an eight-year battle with cancer.  He was a Guild member for over 50 years.  

Villasenor began in the industry as a driver for Don Federson Productions back in the 1950s and was then offered a position as an assistant editor, after approximately ten years of service to the editorial department, by Federson himself.  He started out on the television series My Three Sons, Family Affair, and To Rome with Love.  
He later assisted on numerous movies of the week and features over the next 30-plus years, working at every studio lot in Hollywood.  Some of his feature assisting credits include Sharks’ Treasure, Breakheart Pass, The Greatest, First Monday in October, Annie, The Toy, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Fatal Attraction, and Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.  He later edited two films for John Cassavetes, Gloria and Love Streams, and was also editor on Neil Simon’s The Sluggers Wife.  

Villasenor retired in 1991 after assisting on his final film, Dead Again, at Paramount Pictures.  He then moved to Grants Pass, Oregon, where he enjoyed life to the fullest on his five-acre property near the Rogue River.  He claimed to be busier during his retirement than when he was while working, juggling two shows at once.  As a man of true craft, he often said he got out of the business at just the right time, as he dreaded the oncoming digital age with computer editing.  He is survived by his son Paul and two daughters, Georgine and Janine.

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