The EASTERN Breeze


We’ve moved and you’re invited to come visit! After much anticipation, the Eastern Region office has relocated to 145 Hudson Street in lower Manhattan. We’re in Tribeca, the heart of
independent film production in New York City, and we’re in larger, sunnier, more beautiful headquarters.

The Motion Picture Editors Guild had been renting office space in midtown Manhattan for 10 years. We enjoyed working next to the Pension & Welfare office, but had outgrown the 1,875 square feet of usable space. At a meeting in Los Angeles last year, the full board voted to purchase an Eastern Region office, thereby establishing a long-term, permanent presence in the city.

145 Hudson Street in New York

We looked at a number of buildings before selecting a second floor office in this one, then hired Caples-Jefferson Architects to turn our loft-like space into suitable headquarters. They did a stunning job! We are very pleased with the results, and would like to also thank our general contractor. The team at Edge Development was an excellent partner, who not only suggested several cost-conscious alternatives, but was also adept at on-site problem solving. The Eastern Region staff moved into the new location on March 21st.

We now have 2,600 square feet of usable space (3,200 sq. ft. if you add in our access to common areas such as the lobby, bathrooms and elevators). Our new home includes individual offices for each staff member, as well as a kitchen area (with its own table), a support area (housing equipment such as the server, fax and copier), a large conference room and a separate training room. We even have an extra office, which we are renting to Joe Truglio (Local 702/Lab Technicians), who was sharing space with us prior to the move. He’s always been a good neighbor, and we’re glad he could join us.

The centerpiece of the new Eastern Region office is a series of sliding walls that can be shut to separate the conference room and training room from each other (and from the rest of the office), or opened to create a large gathering space. This large space was a top priority for us when working with the architects. We wanted to be able to have quarterly meetings in the office, as well as seminars, contract discussions and special events. Now we can. We no longer have to pay rent for an outside meeting hall. We can offer training and seminars on weekends and evenings because the building provides security 24/7.

While the staff settles into the new location, the managers at 145 Hudson are continuing to improve and upgrade the building. All of the windows are being replaced; and short-term plans include renovation of the lobby, hallways and bathrooms.

We’re very excited about our new location and hope you’ll take every advantage of coming by to visit with the staff and your fellow members.

Directions to New York Office

The easiest way to reach us is to take the 1/9 subway to Franklin Street and exit via N. Moore Street. Walk one block west to Hudson Street and about 1 1/2 blocks north. The building is on the West Side of Hudson between Beach and Hubert Streets. You can also take the A/C/E subway to Canal Street. Walk west on Laight Street to Varick Street, then take the pedestrian walkway across the traffic and continue on Laight until you reach Hudson. Walk south on Hudson about half a block and the building will be on your right. If you take the 1/9 to Canal, just walk south on Varick Street until you hit the pedestrian walkway, then follow the same directions given for the A/C/E.

Contact Info

Office hours are 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Our office telephone number has not changed; you can still reach us at 212.302.0700.

Training Options

We offer in-house classes in a number of software programs. We also have videotapes of many of the assistant-to-assistant training seminars hosted in LA, as well as DVD training courses for a few Adobe products. Please contact the office if you would like to screen one of these tutorials or attend a class.

We continue to offer partial reimbursement for classes taken outside at approved training centers. For details, please check the Editors Guild website or contact Sandy in the office. Also, congratulations to the 12 lucky winners of a free two-day Final Cut Pro class offered in May by the Manhattan Edit Workshop. We’ve been advising MEW in the development of their curriculum, and staff and board members have visited classes to speak to students about the editing craft and the benefits of joining the Guild. The two-day class was offered free-of-charge to 12 members as a thank-you, and is valued at $7,200.

Trainers Wanted

We are looking for editors and assistants, who would like to offer an evening or weekend seminar (1-2 hours) on any work-related topic. We are also looking for more instructors for our training program. If you are very experienced on Final Cut Pro, Avid, ProTools, or any of Adobe’s line of products (Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, etc.) and would like to teach a full day or week-long class, please contact me at my E-mail address:

Job Reporting

Please continue to report the start and end dates for all of your jobs (both union and non-union) by telephoning Sandy at the Eastern Region office. It is very difficult for the staff to assist members if they don’t know what job you are on, whether or not the job is under contract and the names of the producers. Please help the staff to help you.

Retirees Luncheon

We hosted our fourth annual Eastern Region Retirees luncheon on May 10th. It was held at Peter Gallagher’s restaurant in midtown Manhattan and was attended by approximately 180 people (please see related story click here).

Pension & Welfare Move

In case you missed the letter sent earlier in the year, the P&W office (now called Motion Picture Industry Pension & Health Plans) also has relocated. They are now at 355 West 52nd Street on the 5th Floor. For any P&W questions, please contact senior benefits consultant Jean Catalanatto between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday thru Friday, at 212.634.5252, or via E-mail: