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Editing Nuts and Bolts


Address: Zoom


NOTE: A Zoom link will be emailed to registrants on the Friday before this webinar.

This webinar is part of the teaching series described below.  This will be the Nuts and Bolts course.


This is a beginner’s class. We’ll look at storytelling ideas that underpin all scenes. What’s being sold? What’s the emotional drive running beneath? Recognizing beat values. Judging performance. Tricks that point out trim changes. Answering where to be, and when.

Nuts and Bolts
Here we break down decisions done all the time – making your picks from the dailies, transitions, reaction shots, sound work, comedy trials and errors, music scratch tracks, straight cutting v. overlaps v. double cuts v. jump cutting. What options can you get away with? What ties your hands?

How does the whole movie play? We go through choices that balance the events: dropping or repositioning scenes, trimming or opening them up, altering the emphasis of what needs to be sold, dumping a character. Where are the sinkholes on the way to the finish line? The ‘big picture’ goal is making the material behave in service of the story.

Instructor: Andrew Blumenthal