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This event has been cancelled

Creating Soundtracks for Sequences **Cancelled**


Address: Zoom


NOTE: A link to this webinar will be sent to registrants the day before the event.

Audio Design Desk (ADD) is the audio tool built for video editors. It comes with over 40,000 sounds and music cues and works 12x faster than current offerings according to MusicTech.

This webinar will show how the AI assisted tools inside of Audio Design Desk can help you create a sound track as easily as clicking together legos.

You will learn how to:

• Import video.
• Create a soundtrack in seconds.
• Manipulate and adjust your soundtrack to your taste.
• Place drum beats, bass lines, leads and chords.
• Save alternate versions.
• Use quick mix hot keys and effects to finalize your mix.
• Import and tag your own loops for immediate use.
• Export AAF and XML files to Avid, Premiere and Final Cut Pro.
• E sessions to within Audio Design Desk and how you can use versions to send.
• Different options to your clients.

Topics covered:
• Getting started: importing video.
• Basics of ADD: the library, search and replace windows.
• Pre programmed loop hotkeys.
• Import your own loops for immediate use.
• Swap out loops with alternates and refine to taste.
• Search for alternate loops from loops in the timeline.
• Create unique soundscapes by adding effects.
• Quick mix hot keys.
• Exporting AAF and XML.
• Opening sessions in Premiere, Avid and Final Cut Pro.
• Upload to
• Receiving frame accurate notes

ADD: Sound for video more than 10x faster!

Instructor - Gabriel Cowan
CEO Audio Design Desk | Filmmaker

Gabe is a multi platinum recording artist and an award winning filmmaker who has produced over 20 feature films including SXSW audience award winner Cheap Thrills and Sundance grantee and independent lens award winner They Call Us Monsters. Now Cowan has brought his musical background together with his filmmaking background to develop and release the only audio software built from the ground up to find and place audio for video. Audio Design Desk won the 2020 National Association of broadcasters best of show, is a 2020 SXSW finalist, gained the MacWorld Editors Choice and MusicTech choice and is used on multiple movies and television shows.