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Tax Information for Entertainment Professionals


Address: Zoom Online Conference


Tax Information for Entertainment Professionals

Emily Churchill, EA is a working actor and a senior preparer at M & M Tax Pros, Inc, formally known as Actor'sTaxPrep, Inc.  Ms. Churchill has prepared returns, going on, 12 tax seasons, and holds the prestigious designation of Enrolled Agent, awarded by the Internal Revenue Service to experienced practitioners who have successfully passed a grueling three-day exam. She has particular entertainment industry expertise and enjoys helping her fellow actors along with clients from all walks of life, including Real Estate Agents, Culinary Experts, and Editors in film and TV. 

Topics to be discussed:

 Basics of Taxation:

·  Standardized Deductions  

·  Claiming exemptions on W-4's and exemption changes

·  Employee Income W-2s

·  Non-Employee Income 1099's/cash/non taxed income

Review of Deductible Items for Entertainment Professionals and what we are able to do now for 2021

How to keep track of expenses throughout the year and stay organized for your tax returns.

Making quarterly payments 

How to know if you are having enough Federal and State taxes withheld on your W-2's and what to do about it if your not.

Q&A Following presentation

*Please note, these workshops are for Educational Purposes only. Each person's tax needs are specific to their own returns and should always seek the advice of their own professional tax preparer.