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Workshop: Using Reverbs and Delays in Editing and Mixing

New York


Instructor: Roland Vajs
This is one workshop session with an hour break from 1:30pm – 2:30pm
Fee: $40.00
This course is open to 10 active members of the Editors Guild. With basic understanding of Pro Tools.


This workshop will focus on various uses of reverbs and delays in editing and mixing. By working hands-on on several scenes, we will learn how to create realism, to place sounds in space, to give them direction, to aid us in establishing psychological point of view of character, and help us in creating abstract sounds.


• History of reverb and delay processors
• Natural vs. artificial ambience
• Chambers, Springs and Plates
• Digital reverb simulations
• Algorithmic vs. convolution reverbs
• Creating a sense of space, direction and distance
• Interior vs. Exterior treatment of sound
• ADR matching
• Creating Futz Tracks
• Music processing
• Building Sound Design Elements
• Using signal processing in picture editing to create more believable screenings
• Mono, stereo or multi-channel reverbs and delays
• When to stop - applying too much signal processing


Roland Vajs has been working as a sound editor and mixer for over twenty years, and has been a member of the editor’s guild since 1998, He is currently working on a feature film "Before You See the Light", directed by David Gutnik. His previous credits include work on "One Dollar", “The First Purge” and “We the Animals”.


Please email Muneeb Hassan at mhassan@editorsguild.com  to RSVP.

Note: No walk-ins and no guests will be permitted.  You will receive a confirmation, once you are registered. No phone call RSVPs will be accepted.