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Currently IMDbPro lists key filmmakers on the opening page of a film listing. These include: Director, Writer, Producer, Cinematographer, Production Designer, Editor.

The situation:
IMDbPro is beta testing a new version of their website that does not include editors among the "filmmakers" credits on the opening page for a film title. Instead, they have included the credit of the casting director. You will have to click on "full cast and crew" in order to see the editor credits. If you would like to see examples they are attached.
What you can do?:
Below is a sample letter that you can use to send a message to IMDb. You do not have to subscribe to IMDbPro to send feedback. However, you must register with a free account on IMDb in order to send your comments.

Please follow these instructions in order to leave feedback directly for a support staff member!   

Shortcut:  If you are registered and already logged in to, you can go directly to "contact our support staff privately via this form" --  or go to Step 4 and click on the hyperlink "this form."


  1. Register for a free account (if you do not already have one)
  1. After logging in, at the bottom of the page, go to Contact Us

While on the Help Desk page, pick the 3rd option (example below highlighted in red) to give feedback directly to IMDb personnel:

-  If you can't register or log into your IMDb account, please click here.
For billing issues regarding one of our paid/subscription services (e.g., please click here.
For all other questions on how to use the site or to leave feedback on IMDb, please click here

  1. You DO NOT want to leave Go to the form link  “…please contact our support staff privately via this form.” 
  1. Leave your response in the form. 


Here's a suggested form letter:
Dear IMDb,
In recent years great strides have been made to recognize the editor’s artistic contribution to the filmmaking process. I am concerned that your new format for the beta version of IMDB Pro is a step backwards.
The proposed redesigned layout for film listings presents Casting Director instead of Film Editor on the opening page where the filmmakers are listed. The Film Editor is only visible once the viewer clicks “full cast and crew.” This is a change from the order of the current IMDB Pro listings.
As a member of the Motion Picture Editors Guild, I am asking you to please consider the importance of the creative contribution of the Film Editor and the central role editing plays in the filmmaking process. Please do not make this format change.  If you need to list the Casting Director on the opening page, please continue to list the “key” filmmaking positions including Editor on the opening page as well.












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