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Track how many hours you are working this pilot season!
Pilots and first season episodic programming tend to have unreasonably long hours and rest periods. Looking ahead to our next Basic Agreement negotiations, we need to collect data to emphasize how much the long working hours in pilots and first seasons should be addressed.

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CineMontage Magazine has a lineage of almost 40 years as the Journal of the Motion Picture Editors Guild, publishing stories about its members working in the many crafts of the post-production industry.

CineMontage is mailed quarterly to over 10,000 members, both active and retired, as well as to film schools and post-production facilities in the entertainment industry.


Where are you currently employed?

On location in Virginia Beach, VA. We are currently in director’s cut. Our director, Derrick Borte, lives here.


Current Project?

The feature film “Unhinged” for Solstice Studios.


Describe Your Job.

I have worked for 25 years as a VFX Editor, which includes organizing ...

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