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We are proud to announce the launch of our new website!

The goal of the new website is to create easy access to union information with logical navigation and an elegant design.  Also we have upgraded to a modern and secure firewall that guards our members' information.

The site has been redesigned with the input of members, and we hope this encourages members to stay connected with their union.

We hope these new features will be effective online tools.

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Guild and labor news, technology tips, member interviews and feature stories about all things post production.

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CineMontage Magazine has a lineage of almost 40 years as the Journal of the Motion Picture Editors Guild, publishing stories about its members working in the many crafts of the post-production industry.

CineMontage is mailed quarterly to over 9,500 members, both active and retired, as well as to film schools and post-production facilities in the entertainment industry.


Where are you currently employed?

I’ve worked in NBC’s News Film Archive since 2005. I work freelance, which gives me a nicer contract with a better pay rate, and I still have the MPI health and pension plans. I’m a film librarian and, since 2015, I have been the “chief.”


Current Project? 

Projects move quickly through the Library; it’s about days, not weeks or months. But...

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