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Training Subsidy Programs


NOTE: Due to the Corona Pandemic this program is currently unavailable.

Each fiscal year, the CSATF Board of Trustees allocates monies to fund job-related skills training programs.

The Local-Provided and Vendor-Provided links allow access to the page that lists links to all of the Locals' training applications.

The link located in the Local-Provided column, under Local 700, accesses the Local-Provided application, which covers courses held at the Guild office. Members wanting to take local-provided training will need to fill out this application AFTER the date(s) and time(s) have been established for the courses. Course details, such as date and time, will be announced via email blasts and will be available on the Guild's online calendar. Applications should be submitted 1-2 weeks PRIOR to the course date to allow for processing.

For Vendor-Provided training, Local 700 participants will need to download the application under the Local 700 section. Please download and read the application carefully. It contains two (2) forms. Members who plan on taking multiple courses will need to fill out separate applications for each course. All forms MUST be completed, signed and returned to CSATTF PRIOR to signing up and paying for the class. Allow 1-2 weeks for processing. The vendor-provided applications cover training that will take place at local facilities which have been approved by CSATTF.

Program eligibility is based on a member's roster status, so it's important that members check with CSATTF to determine eligibility before signing up for a course.


What is Employment Training Panel (ETP) and How Can I Participate?

ETP is a California state agency designed to fund training to meet the needs of employers for
skilled workers and the need of workers for good, long-term jobs. The program is provided to
California employers for their employees and funds up to 100% of the cost of all training.

Eligibility Requirements
- Trainees can participate in only ONE (1) ETP contract at a time. They must be free from any
   other ETP contracts at any other schools.
- Trainees must be full-time, W-2 employee working for a California employer.
- Trainees must be a W-2 employee and earn the equivalent of $19.77 per hour
   (NOTE: if your company is located outside Los Angeles County, please call for details on the
   minimum wage requirement for ETP.)
- Trainees must commit to a minimum of 8 hours (and can do up to 200 to 240 hours) of training.
- Trainees must be actively training to remain in ETP. No gaps in training in excess of 90 days.
- Trainees must submit their employment data 90 days following the last training they do in ETP
   at the training facility.

To see class offerings at Keycode Media please go to:

To see class offerings at Studio Arts please go to:

Questions regarding training may be submitted to and registration
may be done through Phone – 323.227.8776


The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)
is landmark legislation that is designed to strengthen and improve our nation's public workforce system and help get Americans, including youth and those with significant barriers to employment, into high-quality jobs and careers and help employers hire and retain skilled workers.

If you are currently unemployed or know that being laid off from your show is imminent, then you'd want to contact a WorkSource Center (such as the Verdugo Jobs Center, or a good way to go is to contact Studio Arts, which deals with WorkSource Centers directly and can help you get started.)

Studio Arts provides up to 240 hours of funded training through the State of California's Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). If you are out of work, have contacted the EDD (or a local Worksource Center) and have requested or otherwise been referred to seek WIOA training, a Studio Arts course of up to 8, 30-hour classes may be available at NO cost to you.

Click here for more information about WIOA training at Studio Arts
, or a local WorkSource Center or Workforce Investment Board for more information about WIOA.

For more information call Studio Arts at 323.227.8776 or email them at if you have any questions.


1.) If I have done training through ETP before, will I still be able to qualify for WIOA?
Yes—the only stipulation for qualifying for WIOA is that you are currently not employed or will be ending a job soon.

2.) How much training can I receive through WIOA?
WIOA students can expect between 120 to 240 hours' worth of training. This can be done based on your schedule.

3.) What is the process for obtaining WIOA status for funded classes at Studio Arts?
You must contact a WorkSource Center; our preference is that you contact the Verdugo Jobs Center as they are a long-standing training partner with Studio Arts. Please email for more help & information.

4.) What happens if I become employed while taking classes through WIOA?
You can still take and complete all the class hours you were awarded through WIOA, even if you get a full-time job the day after you received your WIOA award.