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This section is designed to amplify member engagement, showcase members' resumes and connect members with new job/networking opportunities.

Watch our introductory video on how best to use the new and old but improved features! 


Features include:


Member-to-Member Forum
As many members grow disenchanted with social media, the Website Committee recognized the need to offer a discussion forum. Although nothing online should ever be considered “private,” we do hope to capture those who no longer wish to participate in social media forums.


Job Board
When in need of hiring, both members and employers can now post jobs on the site. Members will be able to apply directly using their online profile or uploading a resume.

Don't waste time... target your search directly to the most qualified post professionals!


Availability Portal
Your Board of Directors recognized the importance of facilitating the ability to allow members to search and provide job opportunities for fellow members. The Available for Work List is now viewable and searchable by all members! With smarter search options and keeping the list more up-to-date, the new features will be very important and valuable tools.

  • Answer specific job application/classification-specific questions
  • Identify your network of work associates for referrals
  • Renew your listing weekly

MPI Hours Alert
We all know how important it is to maintain our health insurance. It can be devastating to be so close to qualifying, yet have no employment prospects. If you are in need of 50 hours or less to qualify for benefits, you can let other members know who may be in a position to refer you for short-term employment. Hopefully, it will lead to something more! 

Visit: My Dashboard (previously referred to as My Profile) and put yourself on the Available for Work List.

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