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Join East Coast Requirements

The New York staff is available to answer your questions about membership and its benefits. 

You are strongly encouraged to discuss your individual situation with us before you make the decision to join, particularly if you do not have a union job.

Make an appointment

Before you begin work, make an appointment and bring in all of your documents in order to be cleared as a local hire. If you work 30 days under an IATSE Local 700 agreement, you must fulfill your obligations to the Union upon the thirtieth day following your first day of employment. 

Bring proof of New York or Tri-State area residency

  • NY, NJ or Tri-State Area Driver’s License
  • NY/NJ Resident State Tax Returns for previous year

    In addition to one of the following:

  • Jury Duty Notice
  • Proof of Voter Registration  
  • Utility Bill with NY, NJ or Tri-State Area Address

Please be advised you may only work as a local hire in the State you have declared to the IRS as your primary residence. If you are not a resident, then you must be transported under the terms and conditions of the collective bargaining agreement.


The Industry Experience Roster ("Roster") is only applicable to crew members employed as a local hire in Los Angeles.

East Coast Initiation & Processing Fees

As of January 2014, Initiation Fees are based on the weekly rate of the classification you are joining. Fees are rounded up to the nearest $100.  Fees are subject to increase as the weekly rates increase. Payment plans are available.  You may pay ½ of your initiation plus a processing fee of $100 and pay the balance over 6 months

Classification Initiation Fee Processing Fee Valid Until
Editor $3,700.00 $100.00 07/31/2024
Re-recording/Music Mixer (Journeyman) $3,600.00 $100.00 07/31/2024
Sound Editor $3,400.00 $100.00 07/31/2024
Music Editor $3,400.00 $100.00 07/31/2024
Foley Artist $3,400.00 $100.00 07/31/2024
Assistant Editor $2,200.00 $100.00 07/31/2024
Editing Room Asst. $1,200.00 $100.00 07/31/2024

Contact the Membership Dept.

Tara Borth
Field Representative

Visit “Organize” for additional information regarding the importance of Union membership!