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Screen Credit Waiver

Picture Editor Screen Credit Waiver

Under our Majors and Independent Post Production Agreements, only one picture editor is afforded screen credit. In a situation where more than one editor was employed on the project, a waiver for a shared credit must be requested if the editors involved agree to share and if the request is approved by the Guild. In order to facilitate and expedite these requests, we have devised a form available for download.        

Assistant to Editor Screen Credit Waiver

The screen credit waiver must be submitted when an Assistant Editor is required to cut. Attach all confirming documentation including, but not limited to: the deal memo reflecting the change of employment status from assistant editor to editor, copies of time cards, and pay stubs for all time spent cutting.

The employer and/or an authority on behalf of the signatory producer must submit the Screen Credit Waiver Request.

 A member cannot submit such request on his/her own behalf.

Only individuals hired as editors and, therefore, appropriately classified and paid at least editorial scale under said contract are eligible to receive any credit as an editor.

All applicable Editors must execute a signature page showing consent.