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What is Organizing?

The democratic process of joining with your coworkers to negotiate better terms and conditions of employment is referred to as organizing. The principle behind union organizing is simple: we have more clout with our employers when we negotiate as a unified group than we do when each of us negotiates as an isolated individual.
Organizing is a way of changing the status quo at a workplace. As a challenge to the status quo, it isn’t always easy. It often involves employees collectively voicing opposition to the positions of their management. But organizing is a powerful tool to win a voice and an inclusive, democratic process on the job. Through solidarity, we can accomplish together things that none of us is able to accomplish alone.
Employees’ right to organize is enshrined in federal law. Our industry and many others have a long history of employees using that right to improve their jobs and their lives. For more than 75 years, the Editors Guild has represented post-production professionals, and we are proud of our history of standing together to lift standards of employment for post-production.