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2021 Committees

Wondering what the Young Workers Group has been up to? Click here to find out.


The Apprenticeship & Growth Committee is exploring ways to revitalize the editorial apprentice classification so the job remains relevant in the digital age.

Co-Chairs: Rob Kraut, Aziza Ngozi and Jerry Ross

Members: Shiran Amir, Natalie Boschan, Lisa Churgin, Annie Cohen, Frank Delgado, Tom Fleischman, Genesis Henriquez, Sharon Smith Holley, Scott Jacobs, Joshua Kirchmer, Glenn T. Morgan, Bubba Nichols, Nancy Richardson, Gavin Segall-Abrams, Esther Sokolow, and Sean Thompson

Staff: Jessica Pratt


The Archive & History Committee coordinates the Guild's historical photograph library and oversees the implementation of an audio-visual library of interviews and pertinent entertainment and union-related footage.  Read about some of the committee's accomplishments at CineMontage: The Splice of Life

Co-Chairs: Sharon Smith Holley and Steve Rivkin
Members: Erik Andersen, Emma DuPell, Tom Fleischman, Margaret Guinee, Alyson Moore, Glenn Morgan and Harry Oxnard

Staff: Adriana Iglesias-Dietl


The Committee for Creative Recognition supports the efforts of the American Cinema Editors and the Motion Picture Editors Guild to recognize the category of Film Editing in Awards Festivals and Critics Organizations. 

Chair: Steve Rivkin
Members: John Axelrad, Louis Bertini, Dody Dorn, Paul Overacker and Jeremy Weinstein 

Staff: Lisa Dosch


The Constitution & By Laws Committee meets on an as-needed basis to discuss the application of existing language and recommends changes, if necessary, to the Board. All Constitutional changes must first be approved by the IATSE, and then the Local 700 membership.

Chair: Bill Elias
Members: Frank Delgado, Bubba Nichols and Sean Thompson 

Staff: Lisa Dosch


The Credit & Arbitration committee meets on an as-needed basis when a screen credit dispute arises. If multiple editors are employed on the same project and an agreement cannot be reached as to who should be afforded screen credit, the panel reviews the different versions of the project and makes a determination.

Co-Chairs: Michael Tronick and Sidney Wolinsky
Members: To be determined prior to arbitration 

Staff: Lisa Dosch


The Diversity Committee fosters initiatives that promote the Editors Guild’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. The Committee provides diversity awareness, support, mentoring and networking opportunities for members without regard to race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and age.

Active members of the Guild are invited to join the Facebook group: Diversity in Post

Co-Chairs: Lillian Benson and Maysie Hoy

Members: Anisha Acharya, Dinara Aprym, Lindsay Armstrong, Jesse Averna, Josie Azzam, Bobbi Banks, Samuel Bellamy, Susana Benaim, Waldemar Centeno, Austin Childress, Donna Choo, Carmen Chung,Lisa Churgin, Jenny Cook, Katie Cornblath, Rahual Das, Mark Dashnaw, Shannon Davis, Mary DeChambres, Rick Derby, Joanie Diener, Jesse Dodd, Lucy Donaldson, Dody Dorn, Amy Duddleston, Anedra Edwards, Nena Erb, Craig Eustis, Aleshka Ferrero, Diana Fishman, Scott Gamzon, Debby Germino, Halima Gilliam, Sabrina Gimenez, Gina Girodier, Karen Goffred, Jacques Gravett, Katherine Griffin, Julia Grove, Dorian Harris, Wellington Harrison, Christine Haslett, Lora Hirschberg, Sharon Smith Holley, Ceci Hyoun, Aimee Jennings, Ken Johnson, Michael Jones, Marqus Jordan, Joelle Kristy, Robert Komatsu, Farrel Levy, Aric Lewis, Charles Little, Ivonne Loyola, Diandra Kendal Luzon, Kathleen Mcauley, Twi McCallum, Marnee Meyer, Cindy Mollo, Glenn Morgan, Nancy Morrison, Ruben Navarro, Stephanie Neroes, Paul Overacker, Lyric Ramsey, Augustin Rexach, John Reyes-Nguyen, Tanya Riegel, Tricia Rodrigo, Jesus Rosales, Leander Sales, Richard Sanchez, Gavin Segall-Abrams, Charles Shin, Terilyn Shropshire, Joan Sobel, Kelly Soll, Danielle Statuto, Rosanne Tan, Jackeline Tejada, Karoliina Tuovinen, Katie Wedemeyer, Dirk Westervelt, Robin Whittaker, James Wilcox, Sarah Williams, Bari Winter, Mitsuko Yabe, Jonathan Yang, Diana Yip, Corey Ziemniak, and Sebastian Zuleta.

  • African American Steering Committee - Bobbi Banks and Leander Sales, Co-Chairs
  • Eastern Region Steering Committee - Jackeline Tejada, Chairperson
  • Latin Steering Committee - Susana Benaim and Glenn T. Morgan, Co-Chairs
  • LGBTQ Steering Committee - Craig Eustis and Joelle Kristi, Co-Chairs
  • Pan Pacific and Asian Steering Committee - Nena Erb and Rosanne Tan, Co-Chairs
  • Women's Steering Committee Chairperson: Josie Azzam and Dorian Harris, Co-Chairs 

Staff:  Shanda Zuniga


The Election Committee chairperson is selected before the Guild’s annual General Membership Meeting. Only members not running for re-election in the upcoming board of directors’ election can serve. The committee is apprised of the progress of the election, and may need to meet if a member contests their ineligibility or to resolve issues that may arise during the election.

Members: To be determined prior to annual election

Staff: Lisa Dosch


The Fellowship and Service Award Committee recommends and vets prospective recipients for the prestigious Motion Picture Editors Guild Fellowship and Service Award. To see past recipients, visit:

Co-Chairs: Sharon Smith Holley, Alyson Moore and Glenn T. Morgan 
Members: Lisa Churgin, Margaret Guinee, Rachel Igel, Aziza Ngozi, Paul Overacker, and Holly Sklar

Staff: Adriana Iglesias-Dietl 
Email: F&


The Finance and Audit Committee reviews the annual financial audit in advance of the Board, and meets on an as needed basis throughout the year.

Co-Chairs: Rachel Igel, Treasurer and F. Hudson Miller
Members: Lisa Churgin, Frank Delgado, Aziza Ngozi, Kevin Ross and Alexa Zimmerman

Staff: Shanda Zuniga


The Membership Outreach Committee seeks to identify and cultivate union-minded leaders within our Guild, who can then assist in improving overall communication with the membership at large.

Active members of the Guild are invited to join the Facebook group: I Am the Union

Co-Chairs: Stephanie Brown and Molly Shock

Members: Mary Albrecht, Shiran Amir, Jason Brotman, A.J. Catoline, Erik Evans, Eileen Finkelstein, Sharon Smith Holley, Aimee Jennings, Marian Jimenez, Rob Kraut, Stephanie Lowry, Paul Overacker, Nicholas Papalia, Yoni Rusnak, Gavin Segall-Abrams, Holly Sklar, David White, Joseph Winterbotham and Michael Zurer

Staff: Adriana Iglesias-Dietl


The National Training Committee oversees budgets and training programs for both the Los Angeles and New York offices.

Co-Chairs: Tom Fleischman and F. Hudson Miller
Members: Sam Casas, Frank Delgado and Sharon Smith Holley

Staff: Muneeb Hassan and Dieter Rozek


(L-R) Jeff Burman, Erik Andersen, A.J. Catoline, Kevin Ross, Dorian Harris, Molly Shock, Frank Morrone and Tomm Carroll (2019 committee)

The Publications Committee provides oversight of the quarterly magazine, CineMontage, and the magazine website, The Committee advises the editor on the overall editorial and advertising policies of the publication.

Chairperson:  AJ Catoline
Members: Erik Andersen, Bobbi Banks, Dorian Harris, Glenn T. Morgan, Kevin Ross, Molly Shock and James Wilcox

Staff: Scott Collins, Editor


The Website Committee offers oversight regarding the editorial, technological and advertising policies of the website.  

Co-Chairs: F. Hudson Miller and John Vitale

Members: Shiran Amir, Erik C. Andersen, AJ Catoline, Rob Kraut, Aaron Morgan, John Morris and David White

Staff: Lisa Dosch