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Get to know Adobe After Effects Seminar

Los Angeles

Address: Dede Allen Seminar Room, 7715 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA


After Effects is often a great problem solver and can be used for either motion graphics, or compositing. Sometimes seen as a complex unknown mystery to video editors used to the traditional NLE default effects After Effects has many styles of use.

The course that takes a look at the anatomy of this diverse program which allows you to create media from still images, generated objects, footage, and more.

Build projects with existing Photoshop or Illustrator artwork to animate or composite and achieve great results that update in Adobe Premiere's timeline, otherwise hand off to many other non linear editing systems.

You will learn about rotoscoping, keyframing, text animations, tracking video, green screen, 2D/3D space, composition settings, virtual cameras, shape/solid layers and more.

Instructor: Anthony Bari - Apple and Adobe Certified Instructor
Anthony is an Emmy-award winning technical supervisor, professional video consultant, video editor, marine veteran, and proud member of the local 700.

With an extensive background developing workflows for major broadcasters across the U.S.  His production background consists of documentary, sports, promotional, commercial, television, and branded content campaigns.