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This booking is closed.

Hollywood Networking for Introverts **Cancelled**

Los Angeles

Address: 7715 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, Training Room


It’s no secret that to make it in Hollywood, it’s all about “who you know”…but how do you get to know people when you’re stuck inside a dark room for 60 hours per week? 

What if there was a better way to network that didn’t involve: 

• Bothering busy people with cold emails (that they don’t respond to)?

• Only attending industry events & mixers when you’re unemployed and reeking of desperation?

• Connecting with people in a “transactional” way just to land your next gig? 

In this panel & workshop led by award-winning film & television editor Zack Arnold, ACE (Cobra Kai, Empire, Burn Notice, Glee) and featuring a wide variety of industry professionals working in film & television, you will learn a better way to build your network with the RIGHT people who can help you pursue your dream career…even if you’re an introvert and HATE networking.

“I loved this workshop! I t really helped me see that I’m not the only one. It helped me break down the steps really easily and I already have ideas on what I need to work on. I know this sounds crazy…but I wish it was longer.” 

“This was one of the best panels I’ve ever been to. You connect well with people and make everyone feel important.” 

“My ah-ha moment was the realization that I have been sending out horrible emails for the past decade of my career!!! I am horrified by this and I am forever grateful for you making me aware of this problem.” 

“Great workshop! I could have stayed all day. Your ideas and techniques were very compelling.”

Refreshments will be served.