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Free Online Courses - DaVinci Resolve 16

Los Angeles

Address: Zoom


Introduction to Fairlight Audio Consoles and Fairlight Audio Editor
Date: May 28
Time: 1:00pm - 4:00pm PST
Instructor: Mary Plummer
Link to register:

Fairlight consoles make it easier to perform audio editing, recording, and mixing tasks by providing professional audio controls for nearly every function and feature in the DaVinci Resolve Fairlight page. This gives you a level of control and vastly increased speed that’s simply impossible with a keyboard and mouse.

Whether you already have a new Fairlight Console or Fairlight Audio Editor, you’re thinking of getting one, or you’re just curious to see one in action, join us for a 3 hour overview that shows the different Fairlight Console panels and how they with work together, as well as an full walk-through of the legendary Fairlight Audio Editor.

• Fairlight Console overview (30 min)
• Fairlight Audio Editor walk through (75 min)
• Hands on exercises for recording, audio editing, mixing and automation (75 min)


Color Management with DaVinci Resolve 16 workshop
Date: Friday, May 29
Time: 10am - noon PST
Instructor: Michael Smollin
Link to register:

What is a Color Space?
Gamma Curves
Gamma Encoded vs. Gamma Correction
How do we insure color translates across Color Spaces
Camera Raw Settings
Color Management Settings
Basic YRGB Setup (Resolve Demonstration)
DaVinci YRGB Color Managed Setup (Resolve Demonstrated)
•Input Color Space
•Timeline Color Space
•Output Color Space
ACES Color Managed Setup (Resolve Demonstration)
Color Grading using LUTs/CDLs (Resolve Demonstration)
Color Grading in HDR/Dolbyvision & Best Practices