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How I Landed My Dream Job Editing Cobra Kai (and the 5 Networking Steps You Can Take to Land Yours)

Los Angeles

Address: Zoom Online Conference


How I Landed My Dream Job Editing Cobra Kai (and the 5 Networking Steps You Can Take to Land Yours)

A single well-written outreach message has the power to change your life. I’ve made not one but three career-changing moves that all started with cold outreach, and every single mentor I have is a relationship that began with…you guessed it…cold outreach. In the virtual world we live in today, networking remotely is no longer one of the many options for building relationships: Networking from home is our only option.

In this free workshop I’ll teach you 5 simple steps you can take to reach out and start relationships with people who’s work you admire so instead of chasing the next gig you can build your dream career by seeking much-needed advice (without “picking someone’s brain”), land a shadowing opportunity, request mentorship, or even get referred for a future job.

These 5 steps include:

  • Identifying what your dream jobs have in common so you know which projects and people to connect with
  • Organizing and prioritizing those people and projects (using IMDbPro) so you can take the ’sniper approach’ to building your network
  • Providing authentic value to people (instead of “bothering them” or feeling sleazy “asking for too much”)
  • Making it clear how this person can help you (which drastically increases your chances of getting a response)
  • Crafting an “ask” so simple you’re practically guaranteed a response (no matter how busy the person is)

This 2 1/2 hour workshop will also include virtual ‘Hot Seats’ whereby you can apply to submit an outreach message that I will tear down (and then build back up again) to drastically increase your chances of not only getting a response but beginning an authentic relationship.

Nobody gets where they want to be alone. Let’s work together to help you build authentic relationships that will move your career forwards.

About the Presenter

Zack Arnold (ACE) has been a film & TV editor for 20 years, his recent credits include Netflix’s Cobra Kai, Empire, Glee, Burn Notice, and more. He is also the creator of the Optimize Yourself podcast and coaching & mentorship program where he teaches creative professionals how to be healthier, more productive, and achieve their own version of success in the entertainment industry…without sacrificing their sanity in the process.