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Davinci Resolve Technical Guide Part 2 of 3


Address: Zoom


NOTE: A link to this webinar will be sent to registrants one day before the event.

In this session we will discuss, edit prep from file naming, sub clipping, audio syncing, and other key functions. We will take a look at timeline operation along with features that allow users to view/playback and work faster. Match frame or reverse match to reuse, or find another interesting part of the used clips needed. Learn how to sync external audio with media files based on multiple factors like in/out points, reference waveform, or embedded timecode. Gain an understanding of the way you can perform common tasks with ease by using familiar workflows to existing non-linear editing platforms.

****This will be a technical session, ideal for assistants or editors who want to understand how the application works****

Topics covered:
• Work with audio files from a external source to sync with video clips using Timecode, Waveform, or In/Out points.

• Make adjustments with media files to edit with either “user made” source or file name or create sets of subclips for separate takes, break up long interviews/broll or just to work independently of raw files.

• Tour the timeline functionality, like stacked/tabbed timelines, working with compound clips (nests), or copy and paste within timelines in your project or other loaded projects.

• Match frame and reverse match, make adjustments to clips on the timeline only, such as raw settings, color management on a clip to clip basis, audio settings, scaling/speed and more.

Instructor - Anthony Bari Jr.
Workflow Consultant | Documentary Filmmaker | Editor

Anthony is an Emmy-award winning technical supervisor, workflow consultant, director, documentary filmmaker, video editor, and U.S. marine veteran. With an extensive background developing workflows for major broadcasters internationally. His production background consists of documentary, sports, promotional, commercial, television, and branded content campaigns. Anthony has played a role in all parts of the process from pre-production through post. Often being the communication down stream from all levels of users to vendors through workshops and technical education.