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VIP Networking: Learn How to Connect With Hollywood A-listers and Land Your Dream Job


Address: Zoom Online Conference

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In this 2 hour live online seminar led by MPEG member and award-winning editor & producer Zack Arnold, ACE (Cobra Kai, Burn Notice, Empire), learn the simple steps to clearly identify your dream job (i.e. the next best opportunity to move your career forwards…that won’t burn you out in the process) and connect with A-listers to make your dream job a reality. Zack will share with you the simple strategies he has used to go from zero connections in the industry to building relationships with countless A-list industry experts across various formats, departments, and genres.

In short, networking doesn’t have to suck.

Networking doesn’t have to be about going to random events, panels, and mixers where you have to sell yourself, constantly give your “elevator pitch,” and have the same banal conversations with the same people who are just as desperate for work as you are. Networking can be a rewarding & enriching experience that provides value to others, leads to mentorship, shadowing opportunities, and even being referred for your dream job! And the best part is, you can do all of the above from home in your pajamas.

After this seminar you’ll be one step closer to becoming a networking ninja!