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Board of Directors Meeting - via Zoom


Address: via Zoom Conference

Guild Business

The Board of Directors meet monthly. The agenda includes a report from the National Executive Director, Cathy Repola, “new” and “unfinished” business, committee reports and other pertinent business as it arises. The President sets the agenda for each meeting to include pertinent business requiring either immediate action or discussion. Discussion among Board Members is in an open format of Q&A, and all board members freely voice their concerns, objections, and vision.

Meetings are usually held the first Tuesday evening of every month, except for National meetings that are held the first Saturday morning of each new quarter. Please check the website's calendar to confirm there was no schedule change.

Active members of the Guild are welcome to attend via Zoom.  Videos must be on at all times with the participant visible.

Please RSVP if you would like to attend. Zoom invites will be sent to registered, active members just prior to the meeting.  Registration closes 3 hours prior to meeting!

Contact Lisa Dosch, or (323) 978-1074, if you have any questions.  

Thank you!