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Meet the Board - Session 2


Address: Zoom


Join us on Saturday, March 18th at 9:00 am (PST) / 12:00 pm (EST) via ZOOM for the 2nd session in a new series where you can meet the members who represent you on MPEG’s Board of Directors!

March 18th Lineup: 

  • Louis Bertini, 2nd Vice President
  • Lisa Zeno Churgin, Picture Editor Representative
  • Emma DuPell, Assistant Editor Representative
  • Alan Heim, President
  • Scott Jacobs, Assistant Editor Representative
  • Ashley McKinney, Assistant Editor Representative
  • Alec Styborski, Eastern Region (Alternative) Representative
  • Sean Thompson, Assistant Editor Representative

Co-moderated by Shiran Amir from the west coast, and Joey Winterbotham from the east coast, 'Meet the Board' is an opportunity to find out who our board members are, what they do, what they think, and ask them questions in a more intimate format. 

Approximately 8 board members will participate in each event session. At each subsequent ‘Meet the Board’ session, we will rotate through a different line up of board members. The goal is to give MPEG members an opportunity to ask questions to every board member in 2023. Each event will be about 90 minutes long, but members can come and go at their convenience. This will be a recurring event; so if you can’t make this one, drop in next month for our 3rd session in this series!
We hope this opportunity to get to know our board members will have a positive impact. The better we know our leaders, the stronger our union. They’re your voice, so find out what they have to say!  

In Solidarity, 

Membership Outreach Committee


 - Check out Board bios here: (login required to view individual bios)

 - Be sure to check your RSVP confirmation and the event reminder email for the Zoom information!