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Los Angeles Town Hall

Los Angeles

Guild Business

Updated 04/20/24 @ 8:40 PM (PDT): If you are RSVP'ing to virtually attend this event, then you will need to complete a registration form and be approved by Guild staff in order to generate your member-specific Zoom link for the Town Hall Meeting. Please follow the instructions below. If you are RSVPing to attend in-person, please go through the normal RSVP process.


  1. Click THIS LINK to complete your registration and click “Register” to submit the form. At this time you will see a “pending approval” screen.
  2. Once Guild staff receives your registration, we will verify you as an active member and approve your registration. This will prompt Zoom to send you an email containing your member specific Zoom link. Be patient - this is a manual process, but Guild staff will begin approving new registrations early on Sunday morning.
  3. Once approved you will receive an email with the subject line “MPEG Town Hall Meeting Access and Rules” at the email address you entered in your registration. This email will contain meeting rules and your access links. 

If you RSVP'd prior to 8:40 PM (PDT) on 04/20, then you should already have received your link via email. Contact if further assistance is needed.


At the town hall, Cathy will outline the results of our recently completed Local-specific negotiations. In addition, she will provide an overview of the process for the Basic negotiations to be resumed later this month. This upcoming phase will be both more complicated and more consequential as it encompasses the larger economic and other issues of the most importance to all the crafts represented by the 13 Hollywood Locals. The release of some details will need to be deferred so as not to risk compromising the remaining steps of the process.

We encourage in-person attendance so you can fully participate in a discussion with your fellow members.

RSVP for in-person attendance or a Zoom link (click the "Register for event" link above)


Sunday, April 21, 2024
Directors Guild of America
7920 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA
10AM (Pacific)

Contract 2024


Active Members Only, please!  

The zoom conference will be open early as we will be verifying active member status for all attendees. Be patient!

Zoom invites will be sent to all RSVPd guests prior to the meeting.