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Wellness Seminar:Self-Regard and Its Role in Achieving Lasting Happiness

New York

Address: 145 Hudson Street, Suite 201, new York NY 10013


Please join us on Saturday for a round table discussion led by

Kevin Melville Jennings.



One way we to approach the pursuit of happiness is in understanding the relationship between three fundamental parts of ourselves: our sense of self-worth, our self-image, and our idealized self.

In each of us, these three aspects of the psyche might be in conflict, or they may be supportive of one another. They determine - whether incongruent or congruent - our overall sense of self, and they exert a tremendous influence on how we perceive our life experiences. In fact, they help to define and shape the very contours of our lives.

What we think about ourselves, how we see ourselves, and who we would ultimately like to be, when understood, balanced, and aligned, hold the key to our ability to achieve lasting happiness.


Kevin Melville Jennings is a writer, counselor and therapist.  He has been in private practice in Manhattan for over 30 years.  Kevin is honored to have been chosen as one of the twenty five leaders in "Apples are Square, Thinking differently about Leadership" by Susan and Thomas Kuczmarski. He has studied psychology with Joyce Livingston. He has led an ongoing meditation group for 23 years.  He was the author of "The Daily Scope" for His clients come from diverse walks of life, many of them from the entertainment industry. Kevin is known for his understanding of myth and symbolism, and for incorporating philosophy and spiritual tradition into practical guidance.

Note: No walk-ins and no guests will be permitted.  You will receive a confirmation, once you are registered. No phone call RSVPs will be accepted.

Please e-mail if you are unable to RSVP.