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Introduction to Flame Workshop

Los Angeles

Address: 7715 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, Dede Allen Seminar Room


10am – 5pm, Sat. - Sun., June 23 - 24

Attendees will be working on an iMac. The workshop capacity is limited to 10 people. 

Autodesk® Flame software connects editing and visual FX by integrating familiar editing tools and node-based compositing directly into the timeline. Save time from complex multi-application workflows by having all the tools you need at your fingertips so you can focus on being creative.
The 2-day class provides an introduction to working with Autodesk® Flame and includes demonstration and hands-on exercises in editing, color correction, compositing, and animating in 3D space. It is designed for students who have knowledge of film or television-practices, but are novices to Autodesk Flame product family.

Understanding of the project workflow in Flame:
At the end of day 1 of the course, the editor will be able to create projects in Flame, import source material, edit a sequence, add segment based FX and output to file.

At the end of day 2 of the course, the editor will be able to understand and create node-based effects inside the Smoke timeline.

Outline Duration: 2 x 6 hours

Saturday Day 1 – Conform and Editing
The Timeline: Editorial and finishing
Before we start: Where does everything live?
Set up a project: project and user settings
The media and conform tabs: import and export
The media panel: Libraries and desktop reel groups
The timeline tab: clip viewing and editing
The FX menu: transitions and segment FX
Color Correction: make it look right

Sunday Day 2 –FX and Finishing
Tracks: compositing layers in the timeline
The processing pipeline: what is in a clip?
Node-based magic: all the fx tools at hand
BatchFX: converting segment based fx
The Batch environment: connecting fx-nodes
Rotoscoping: Gmask and tracking
Compositing: keying elements over a background
Compositing in 3d: the Action node
Output: file and archive

Instructor: Sibille Cooney


To RSVP for this event you will need to register via the following link:

Eventbrite RSPV

The $40 registration fee will be reimbursed upon attendance of the class or if you send an email indicating that you have to cancel to before the class.  If you sign up for the class and do not attend without notifying us then you will NOT get your fee reimbursed.

Since Contract Services will be funding this course, attendees are required to fill out and send in the following form, (Introduction To Flame, 600-52) before the class.  The form should be sent via the information that is located at the bottom of the form.  Should Contract Services contact you regarding eligibility, this has NO effect on whether you can take the class.  The only requirement to take the class is to be a member in good standing of Local 700.