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Cine-Club: “Bound for Glory”

Los Angeles

Address: Dede Allen Seminar Room, 7715 Sunset Bl., Hollywood



Ciné-Club is a film screening series for our members that focuses on films edited by our members.  All of this year's selected films will feature unions in some way as their subjects or elements of their stories.


Our inaugural film in this new series is director Hal Ashby's 1976 "Bound for Glory," staring David Carradene as legendary folk singer and dust bowl activist, Woody Guthrie.


In attendance at the "Bound for Glory" screening will be Academy Award nominated editor, Don Zimmerman, who was an assistant editor on the film, as well as Academy Award nominated Sound Recordist and Engineer, Jeff Wexler, who recorded sound on the film. "Bound for Glory was shot by Jeff's father, director and Oscar® winning Cinematographer and highly active union member, Haskell Wexler, "Who Needs Sleep?"


Our Ciné-Club screening of "Bound for Glory" is an opportunity for members to meet with filmmakers while experiencing a technically ground-breaking and beautifully crafted film.  "Bound for Glory" depicts the life-story of one of our country's most cherished artists.   Many of Woody Guthrie's songs, such as "This Land is Your Land," and "Union Maid" became iconic staples of American folk and union organizing music. Woody Guthrie was an iconic and influential American artist and activist who devoted his life's work to the struggles of working women and men during the darkest economic period in this country's history.