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Is Financial Planning Different for Women?

Los Angeles

Address: MPEG, 7715 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90046


Presented by Betsy L. Billard, CRPC, Private Wealth Advisor

Aware that so many women (and men) have a complicated relationship with money, this is a presentation and discussion about financial planning designed specifically for women. There will be no mention of specific plans or products, but we will discuss the foundation for sound financial planning and also talk about some of the roadblocks and common pitfalls that prevent sound planning. This will be an opportunity for women to discuss their feelings about money, planning, savings, etc. and to engage in a robust conversation about all of it. This will not be a discussion about individual financial situations, but if one chooses, there would be an opportunity to request a private complimentary consultation.

Financial planning and engaging with an advisor is a holistic and ongoing experience. Saving for retirement ties into planning one’s estate, which also ties into the care that one may need later in life. There’s also the relationship between college planning and retirement planning and how those two goals have a direct impact on each other. We will also talk about the state of the market---what causes volatility and how to plan around that in an ongoing way. And also, of relevance to post-production professionals would be a discussion on how does one plan when there may be long gaps in between jobs as a freelancer and a member of a union.

Other topics will include:

- How much risk does one accept and the whys around that.

- A discussion as to why women must be proactive in their planning and savings.

The goal is to create safe place for an engaged conversation about all of these subjects.


*Betsy L. Billard, CRPC, is a Private Wealth Advisor at Ameriprise Financial since 1996, working with clients primarily in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. She has an office in Glendale, CA and her staff is located in Glendale. She is not an employee of Ameriprise, but rather a franchise owner and has been since 1996. CA Insurance License #0C76125 

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