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Volunteer and Donation Opportunities


Join Local 700 members, other IA members and union members in the county to make this world a better place in light of COVID-19.


Donation Opportunities


Many members have asked how they can help financially. Please consider these institutions that have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to Local 700 members in their time of need.




Actors Fund

(click below)


Motion Picture & TV Fund

(click below)



IATSE Tradeswomen Unite to Feed Families


To our IATSE Brothers and Sisters:


We don't need to tell you how hard this pandemic is hitting working families in the Los Angeles area; our members are no exception. The LA Regional Food Bank has been partnering with unions across the county to provide nutritious food to families in need, including two food drives so far at the IATSE West Coast Office. The Tradeswomen of our Los Angeles locals are asking for your support to raise funds for this vital charity during this trying time.


IATSE members normally work behind the scenes; now we can make a difference on the front lines.


We invite you to join us in making a difference in our community.

Together, #WeFeedLA!

Drop Offs and Pick Ups for Personal Protective Equipment


Pick up and drop off times Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 11 am and 2 pm



To minimize personal contact, PPE donations and mask kits can be dropped off or picked up by driving through the Costume Designers Guild (CDG) parking lot. All drop offs must be labeled by item or items, fiber content or that it's a returned mask kit.



Donation Opportunities


Watching Over Local 700 Retirees


A corps of dedicated Local 700 volunteers has performed welfare checks via text message on nearly 1,000 Editors Guild retirees. This week we'll be making phone calls to retirees we've not been able to reach by text. And we're connecting retirees in need to the services available to them through the IATSE C.A.R.E.S. mutual aid program.


Your time commitment is at your preference. Want to help with calls?


Write to and include "retiree calls" in the subject header.




In order to protect our older Sisters and Brothers from the COVID-19 virus, IATSE Young Workers stand ready to support our retirees in a variety of ways.


Volunteer to Buddy Up. We know financial uncertainty and social isolation can have a toll on members’ mental health. In order to help members stay connected, IATSE C.A.R.E.S. creates a buddy system where members can check in with one another while practicing social distancing. You can choose to have these conversations as frequently as you see fit, from every other day to once a month. Additionally, you may also opt for a one-time check-in.


Volunteer to run an errand like picking up groceries or a prescription from the pharmacy.


Sign up at:


LA Labor Volunteer Corps


The current COVID-19 health crisis is having devastating impacts on working families across the county. We're calling on all union members in good health to stand with our community by volunteering to help those in need. As volunteer opportunities come up, we will call on you to join our efforts. Together we will get through this moment. Please fill out the form below.

Choose from: Food distribution, medical assistance/medical support, building pallets, building emergency structures, food/supply runs for quarantined union members, volunteer recruitment, EED training, and large scale food serving.



Mask Making Initiative


More than 10,000 masks have gone into the community – to hospital workers, grocery store employees, those who work closely with LA’s homeless populations and those homeless Angelenos, nursing homes, dock workers – the list goes on! We are all truly thankful to everyone who is helping to flatten the curve.


Costume Designers Guild, Local 892, partnering with Motion Picture Costumers, Local 705, and Local 44, want your help in stopping the spread of Covid-19. As a part of the larger IATSE effort, our Locals are constructing masks for Health Care Professionals and the community at large.




Masks have been delivered to many local hospitals including UCLA, St. Joseph's, Kaiser, LA Health Services, nursing homes, grocery workers, clergy and longshoremen.

Volunteer to make face masks by:


1. Picking up a mask making kit at the PPE pick up & drop off at 3919 W. Magnolia every Monday. Wednesday and Friday from 11 to 2.

2. Request mask kits be delivered to you by emailing

3. Downloading patterns and tutorial by clicking here for MPC 705 or clicking here for CDG 892, making the masks and dropping them at the ppe pick up & drop off.

Stay safe and keep up the good work!

If you have any questions, contact Tracy Pacio,

Volunteers can email Cindy Lilly, MPTF Volunteer Coordinator, at or at 818-876-1511.


Grocery Relief


MPTF will be delivering food on Fridays to those who are a.) over 65 or b.) immunocompromised or c.) cannot leave home to shop (small children at home, etc.) and do not have anyone who can help them. To identify these members, MPTF asks that you share the following survey:


If some members need help filling out the form, it would help if you had volunteers who could assist. ORDERS WILL NEED TO BE IN ON MONDAYS BY NOON FOR A FRIDAY DELIVERY. In the beginning, MPTF will be as flexible on this date as possible, but it’s best to get the survey completed by Monday.


Those who would like to volunteer to deliver food on Fridays should contact Cindy Lilly.


Sign Up:


Care Calls


Care Calls is MPTF’s newest volunteer program that provides quick-and-easy, friendly check-in calls with our older industry members who are sheltering-in-place. MPTF will provide the talking points and members call on behalf of MPTF to say hello and let them know about the services they provide especially during this COVID-19 time.


Sign Up:


Angel Video Cards


Birthdays aren’t being postponed, but mail delivery is. Today, we celebrate The Wasserman Campus residents’ birthdays with videos. MPTF will supply members with names and they record a greeting. This is a fun way to be creative.


Channel 22


To keep our residents engaged, MPTF is asking industry members, friends, and family to make a video that can be aired throughout the day on their in-house TV station. Tell a joke, sing a song, show off some dance moves, share funny animal videos, demonstrate a skill, make an instructional video or hold a class. And if you’re interested in live-streaming from your home, let Cindy Lilly know.





1. #TodayWeThank
2. @mptf
3. Include your friends, and ask them to share too If you would like help customizing your video with our logo, email us and we’re happy to help! Send to


Contact your field rep

Get your questions answered! Ask a field rep: