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Editors Guild stewards form a cadre of grassroots leaders, ensuring the union has a strong presence at the jobs where Guild members work, as well as in members’ professional and social networks. Stewards keep their fellow members informed of and involved in union activities. They also ensure that their colleagues’ work-related issues and concerns inform the work of the union. They play a critical role in protecting members’ contractual rights and in helping keep our membership organized so that we may collectively wield more clout.

The Editors Guild has two types of stewards:

  • Workgroup Stewards are responsible for the stewardship of a group of Editors Guild members who share a common employer. A workgroup can be any relatively stable grouping of ten or more Editors Guild members working for an extended period (six months or more) under common management.

  • At-Large Stewards are responsible for the stewardship of a defined group of freelance colleagues who share their classification. At-Large Stewards are nominated by the colleagues whom they steward. They ensure that stewardship is available for members whose patterns of employment do not lead to long-term inclusion in any stable workgroup.

If you are interested in taking on a leadership role in your union, read up on what being a Workgroup Steward or an At-Large Steward entails, and how to seek nomination.