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Editorial Crew of Talk Show “Steve” Calls For Union Contract

Editorial Crew of Talk Show “Steve” Calls For Union Contract

The post-production crew of Steve Harvey’s new talk show Steve have decided to organize with the Editors Guild! The union has notified the production company of the crew’s decision, and we hope that the company will move promptly to negotiate a strong union contract for its editorial employees.

We’re asking all Guild members and allies who tweet to tweet messages showing support for this crew. If you are on Twitter, please add your voice to those respectfully calling upon the company to honor its employees’ decision to unionize.

Here are some sample tweets you can use to show you stand with the crew (clicking on any of these links will automatically prepare a tweet for you to post):






If you want to compose your own original tweet, please be sure to keep the tone respectful, include the handle @SteveTVShow, and use the hashtag #PostProud.


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