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Los Angeles
07/18 MPEG Board of Directors Meeting
07/29 MPEG Membership Screening
08/19 MPEG Membership Screening
09/17 MPEG Membership Screening

Joseph A. Aredas was presented the Editors Guild Fellowship and Service Award on Saturday, May 2, at the Sheraton Universal in Universal City. Some 136 admirers attended to honor Aredas' service to the industry. IATSE Hollywood locals were well represented, as were working colleagues, adoring family members, past recipients of the award and Editors Guild President Alan Heim, ACE, as well as many Guild Board members. Pictured: Joe Aredas flanked by Ron Kutak, left, and Alan Heim. Photo by Deverill Weekes.

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Re-recording mixers Steve Pederson (pictured left) and Daniel J. Leahy have joined the creative staff of Sony Pictures Post-Production Services. Pederson and Leahy have worked as a team on a number of motion picture projects, including the Antoine Fuqua film 'The Equalizer,' which, as independents, they mixed on Sony Pictures’ Cary Grant Stage last year. They are currently mixing Fuqua’s latest film, 'Southpaw,' on the Sony lot. Upcoming projects include HBO’s 'True Detective' and Fuqua’s remake of 'The Magnificent Seven.'

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A historic meeting simply called “Script to Post: A Discussion of Technology Workflow” took place on Sunday, June 14, at the Pickwick Gardens in Burbank. Jointly sponsored by the Script Supervisors/Continuity, Coordinators, Accountants and Allied Production Specialists Guild (IATSE Local 871) and the Motion Picture Editors Guild, the meeting brought script supervisors and editors together for the first time to discuss ways to improve the vital flow of accurate production information between the set and the editing room.

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“With any project I do, I need to have a direction in mind of where I want to go, while staying open to totally changing my plan if I discover something better," says sound editor/sound designer David Barbee, MPSE. "If I’m having trouble hearing it in my head when I first look at it, I’ll sometimes do something that may seem a little nuts." Barbee recently sat down for an interview with Pro Sound Effects, a sound effects library company, for its "How I Work" series of Q&As with professional sound personnel. The interview series asks sound designers what inspires them and what tools they rely on to get their work done day in and day out.

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Spring 2015
Actor's Fund
Motion Picture & Television Fund

West Coast IATSE Reaches 3-Year Deal with Producers
The new deal was concluded after two weeks of negotiations between the union and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. The deal is along the same lines as the agreements negotiated by SAG-AFTRA, the Directors Guild of America and the Writers Guild of America with a 3% annual wage hike and an increase in contributions to the pension and health fund, according to sources close to the talks.

IATSE Launches Safety Hotline

‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Strike Over; IATSE and Producers Reach Deal

SAG, AFTRA Health Plans Move Towards Merger

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"My biggest challenge has come from working on TV series. There is never enough time to do the type of detailed work I love to do on films and the pace is grueling because you're often mixing every week to constantly meet deadlines. Many of the series I worked on were made by film directors who want that “film” sound — which I want, too — but it is exhausting and frustrating to fit a film soundtrack into the parameters of a TV show."

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