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  Join us for our podcast series:
Post, Coast to Coast. Sustaining Local 700 membership engagement and broadening education.
EPISODE 6 - "Interview with Picture Editor Sidney Levin on "Norma Rae"

Editor Sidney Levin and National Executive Director Cathy Repola discuss how the film "Norma Rae" impacted their lives as part of the Membership Outreach Committee's Ciné-Club screening series.

EPISODE 5 - "From Apathy to Activist"

As an activist, Scott Jacobs seeks answers to questions about the upcoming Netflix negotiations.  Many of you may have questions as well. Tune in for the discussion.

EPISODE 4 - "Two 6th days in the same workweek. Really?"

Meet Picture Editor Gershon Hinkson as he, along with National Executive Director Cathy Repola and Eastern Region Executive Director Paul Moore discuss the age old question of, “How can I have two 6th days on one paycheck?”

EPISODE 3 - "Meeting and Marching with Members in NYC"

Listening to both positive and negative concerns from members helps Cathy to stay informed and do her job better. In this podcast, Cathy has a chat with New York City Music Editor Chad Birmingham. They concur that it is the union’s job to protect the most vulnerable among us. The IA’s participation in the World Pride Parade is a visible symbol of the welcome that the IA and its locals are extending towards LGBT members, so members don’t have to hide that part of themselves.

EPISODE 2 - "Town Hall Membership Meeting in Review"

A brief introduction from Membership Outreach Committee co-chairs Molly Shock (Picture Editor) and Stephanie Brown (Sound Editor) from the Town Hall Membership Meeting in Los Angeles along with a note of personal thanks from National Executive Director Cathy Repola.

EPISODE 1 - "Looking Ahead"

Taking a look ahead with National Executive Director Cathy Repola and Western Executive Director Scott George. This year we’ll be addressing long work hours on pilots and first season scripted shows, hosting Townhall Meetings, continuing contract education, organizing and discovering what topics the membership would like to be educated on for future podcasts.

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