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Past Featured Members

David J. Siegel, A.C.E. - Picture Editor

April 2008


“I am currently editing a movie for TNT starring Noah Wyle called The Librarian, cutting in hi-def on Final Cut Pro. We are shooting with the new RED 4K camera and will be doing our online in-house.

My assistants are loading dailies from the drive, doing color correction and posting the dailies for the studio. We are also using Skype to video conference with the producer, the director and the visual effects supervisor in New Orleans. Each can stop and start the cut, make notes, etc., using cineSync.

The director lives in Maine, and the producer will be on location in Utah on another project, so we can continue to communicate and edit this way.

I did this on the previous The Librarian: Return to King Soloman’s Mines, which I edited, using iChat, but this takes it to a whole other level…”

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