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fellowship & service award

Dede Allen Receives Guild's Fellowship and Service Award

The Motion Picture Editors Guild has selected veteran film editor Dede Allen, ACE, to be the recipient of the Guild’s prestigious Fellowship and Service Award.

The Guild created this award to acknowledge a member who exhibits not only exemplary skill in the craft of editing, but also a set of values, which include professionalism, collaboration, mentorship, generosity of spirit and commitment to the labor movement. The distinguished honor will be presented to Allen at the Editors Guild’s annual Board of Directors Installation Dinner on January 5, 2008 at the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel in Santa Monica, California.

“Throughout her career, Dede Allen has truly exemplified each of the values represented by the Fellowship and Service Award. She has continuously shared her knowledge and experience with her crews, nurturing a plethora of apprentice and assistant editors. I’m thrilled to announce that she is this year’s recipient,” said Editors Guild President Lisa Churgin, ACE. “She is a true pioneer among women editors in the modern era. While there were a number of prominent so-called ‘lady-editors’ in the 1930s and 1940s, Dede has expanded the previously held notion that a woman could be a leader and an innovator in the cutting room.”

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A Conversation with Dede Allen

Picture Editing Credits / Awards

Fireflies in the Garden 2008

(co-edited with Robert Brakey)
(dir. Dennis Lee) 

Have Dreams, Will Travel 2007
(co-edited with Robert Brakey)
(dir. Brad Isaacs) 

All the King’s Men 2006
(editorial consultant)
(dir. Steven Zaillian) 

Ask the Dust 2006
(editorial consultant)
(dir. Robert Towne) 

The Final Cut 2004
(co-edited with Robert Brakey)
(dir. Omar Naïm) 

John Q 2002
(dir. Nick Cassavetes) 

Wonder Boys 2000
(dir. Curtis Hanson) * ## 

The Addams Family 1991
(co-edited with Jim Miller)
(dir. Barry Sonnenfeld) 

Henry & June 1990
(co-edited by Vivien Hillgrove Gilliam and William Scharf)
(dir. Philip Kaufman) 

Let It Ride 1989
(co-edited with Jim Miller)
(dir. Joe Pytka) 

The Milagro Beanfield War 1988
(co-edited with Jim Miller)
(dir. Robert Redford) 

Off Beat 1986
(co-edited with Angelo Corrao)
(dir. Michael Dinner) 

The Breakfast Club 1985
(dir. John Hughes) 

Mike’s Murder 1984
(co-edited with Jeff Gourson)
(dir. James Bridges)


Harry & Son 1984

(dir. Paul Newman) 

Reds 1981
(co-edited with Craig McKay)
(dir. Warren Beatty) * ** 

The Wiz 1978
(dir. Sidney Lumet) 

Slap Shot 1977
(dir. George Roy Hill) 

The Missouri Breaks1976
(co-edited with Gerald Greenberg and Steve Rotter)
(dir. Arthur Penn) 

Dog Day Afternoon 1975
(dir. Sidney Lumet) * # 

Night Moves 1975
(dir. Arthur Penn) 

Serpico 1973
(co-edited with Richard Marks)
(dir. Sidney Lumet) 

Visions of Eight 1973
(“The Highest” segment)
(dir. Arthur Penn) 

Slaughterhouse-Five 1972
(dir. George Roy Hill) 

Little Big Man 1970
(dir. Arthur Penn) 

Alice’s Restaurant 1969
(dir. Arthur Penn) 

Rachel, Rachel 1968
(dir. Paul Newman) 

Bonnie and Clyde1967
(dir. Arthur Penn) ** 

It’s Always Now(short) 1965
(dir. Wilmot) 

America, America 1963
(dir. Elia Kazan)

The Hustler 1961

(dir. Robert Rossen) ** 

Odds Against Tomorrow 1959
(dir. Robert Wise) 

Terror from the Year 5000 1958
(dir. Robert Gurney) 

Endowing Your Future(short) 1957
(dir. Morris Engel) 

Because of Eve 1948
(dir. Howard Bretherton) 

Sound Editing Credits
(Exact credits unknown)
Industrial films c. 1953-1958
Columbia Pictures 1944-46 

Honorary Awards
Fellowship and Service Award 2008
(Motion Picture Editors Guild) 

Muse Award 2001
(New York Women in Film and Television) 

Career Achievement Award 1999
(Los Angeles Film Critics Association) 

Outstanding Achievement in Editing Award 1999
(Hollywood Film Festival) 

Career Achievement Award 1994
(American Cinema Editors) 

Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts 1990
(American Film Institute) 

Crystal Award 1982
(Women in Film) 

* Academy Award nomination
** ACE Eddie Award nomination
# BAFTA Award
## Las Vegas Film Critics Society nomination