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Past Featured Members

Joyce Nakamura - Librarian

November 2008

Joyce Nakamura.

Job Title:

Where are you currently employed?
NBC-TV, New York.

Describe your job:
As Chief Film Librarian for NBC, I examine, screen and prepare film to be transferred to videotape or film-to-film duplication.  If the films are damaged or out of sync, I make the necessary corrections.  For film to tape transfers, I create cue sheets for all the IDs that are spliced together on a roll, and put the films in chronological order.  When the transfer is complete, I update the media records and restore the film into its original form.  Knowledge of film editing is a necessity to be a good film librarian. 

How did you become interested in this line of work?
I have always loved film.  My husband Erik Ramberg was a film editor.
Who gave you your first break?
Walter Sampson.

First union job:
Walter Sampson of Hollywood Films hired me as an apprentice.  I became a film editor with Libra Productions.

Which of your credits or projects have made you the most proud and why?
The 51st State, a PBS series, because of the subject matter.

What was your biggest challenge in your job and how did you overcome it?
Becoming the chief film librarian was my biggest challenge; my organizational skills learned from editing helped me overcome this challenge.

Job-wise, what do you hope to be doing five years from now?  Ten years?
Five years from now, I hope to have trained a film and/or sound editor to replace me as the chief film librarian here at NBC.  Ten years from now, I hope to be retired.

What was the most fun you’ve had at work?
Preserving a film.

Favorite movie(s):
Anything with Alec Guinness in it.

Favorite television program(s):
As Time Goes By (1992-2005) and The Today Show (1952-present).

What advice would you offer to someone interested in pursuing your line of work?
Love film and love preserving film.

Was there ever a circumstance when you had to rely on the Guild for help or assistance?
Yes, when I was out of work as an editor, the Guild found me my present job in April 1981.

Is there anything you’d like you to say to your fellow Guild members?
Support the union.  The more members we have, the stronger we are.

Photo by Kfir Ziv

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