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Collaboration with DaVinci Resolve 17


Address: Zoom


This "watch & learn" session includes:
• What is Resolve Collaboration?
• How to setup a Database
• How to Share the Database
• Setting up your project (common storage, shared cache, etc).
• Setting up your user
• Setting up your work environment (using local overrides)
• Functions that don’t apply to collaborative (backups / live-save, dynamic project switching.
• Communication through collaborative

How the Edit page works in Collaboration:
• Timeline ownership and relationship to the other pages
• Bin Locking
• Timeline Locking
• Refreshing
• Best practices more editor + AE’s

How the Color Page works in Collaboration:

• Clip Locking
• Matching Grades with Multiple Colorist
• Refreshing

How the Fusion Page works in Collaboration:

• Clip locking
• Copying nodes between comps
• Refreshing
• Multiple VFX artists, versions, and backups

How Frame IO works as another layer of Collaboration

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