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Resolve Assistant Editor's Toolkit Open Lab


Address: Zoom


Zoom Link:

A follow up to the webinar that took place on May 29th, 2021

A brief recap of all the basics of Ingest, Bin Prep, Sub-clipping, Markers, Online and Offline your files to work more efficiently in post. The lab will be a task-based hands on session with downloadable media.

Resolve is a tool of tools that can assist in the post process, not just as a finishing application but as an assist for files that require more time and attention in other NLE applications. Get to know this diverse collection of tools with the industry's standards in mind.

Topics covered:

• Importing AAF, EDL, XML, files for a timeline or bins
• Sharing of bins and timelines
• Markers and Flags
• Online and offline your files for switching sources or drive locations
• Scene Detection in the timeline or the Scene Detector interface
• Color Coded clips as assets or in the timeline (For a visual system to check your work)
• Editing Index to filter your timeline efficiency
• Understanding clip usage and working around duplicate frames