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DaVinci Resolve editing Onsite or the On the Road


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When in the studio environment we aim to work native on the highest quality when possible, such as heavy files like 8K, 6K or 4K then we get asked to continue working remotely. This can be a task to get everything sorted, sync’d, and transferred over to another new drive ready for work with an interchangeable proxy file that makes sense. When using DaVinci Resolve you can quickly gather, sort, switch resolution, and link new files with ease.

This session will give you an understanding of how to work remotely then take your work back in the studio to link back to the hi res media or share your timeline, bins, project with other members of the team to keep your edit rolling.

We will cover:

• Switching source files to link to high res or proxy media
• How to adjust multiple timeline resolutions in a single project
• Creating the ideal proxy files with custom window burn including logos, client id, source name, and more.
• Create Sub-clips that go to a smart folder ready to be exported for quick turn around deliverables
• Get a better understanding of the Deliver Page for templates

Instructor - Anthony Bari Jr.
Workflow Consultant | Documentary Filmmaker | Editor

Anthony is an Emmy-award winning technical supervisor, workflow consultant, director, documentary filmmaker, video editor, and U.S. marine veteran. With an extensive background developing workflows for major broadcasters internationally. His production background consists of documentary, sports, promotional, commercial, television, and branded content campaigns. Anthony has played a role in all parts of the process from pre-production through post. Often being the communication down stream from all levels of users to vendors through workshops and technical education.