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Editing Structure


Address: Zoom


This webinar is part of a series of classes that link aesthetic ideas of film editing to their craft applications.

How does the whole movie play? What are the signs to rebalance events? Consequences of dropping scenes, repositioning scenes, trimming for emphasis, opening up for emphasis, dumping a character. Where are the sinkholes on the way to the finish line?
In this ‘big picture’ phase, do you force the material to behave, and does the story hold up?

Zoom link will be emailed 24 hours in advance. 

Instructor: Andrew Blumenthal

NOTE: It's not mandatory that you attend all three webinars.  Due to proprietary material being used, none of the webinars will be recorded.  However, this series is offered on a yearly basis so if you are unable to attend any of the courses this time around, we will most likely offer these again next year.