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MPEG Unscripted Alliance :: Reality Stops Here


Address: via Zoom


You are invited to attend a virtual meeting of the newly formed MPEG Unscripted Workers Alliance!

This work group was founded to provide a continuing forum where members of MPEG who primarily work in unscripted can share their unique concerns that face our work environments.

At this meeting we hope to continue our discussion about:

  • Organizing non-union shows and how we can more effectively work together to create the conditions we desire.
  • Bringing story producers into the Guild.
  • Holding the line on rates beyond scale.

The meeting will be hosted by your Unscripted Picture Editor Board Representatives
- Mary DeChambres, ACE
- Austin Scott
- Molly Shock, ACE

Zoom links will be emailed to all registered active members just prior to the event.