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Video Fundamentals in Depth - MORNING SEMINAR

Los Angeles

Address: 7715 Sunset Blvd., Dede Allen Seminar Room


As tape based workflows have given way to files, technology in post has begun to move at break-neck speed, with new formats and buzz words being introduced on a regular basis. Ideally, as editors we would be able to work, unencumbered by these changes and without concern for how this technology works. But as budgets have tightened and equipment has become less expensive, we find ourselves more and more involved in these complex workflows.

This 3 hour course, presented by Assistant Editors' Bootcamp (, is geared toward both editors and assistant editors and is meant to give context to buzz words like 4K and HDR and insight into these workflows by providing a better overall understanding of the fundamental concepts of video.

The class will cover the following:
   • Resolution - HD vs. 2K, UHD vs. 4K
   • Aspect Ratio - SD vs HD, anamorphic, letterbox
   • Interlacing - Cadence, Field Order
   • Frame Rate - 60i vs. 59.94i - Telecine and converting between frame rates
   • Timecode - Drop Fame vs Non Drop Timecode
   • Codecs - H.264 vs. ProRes & DNX
   • Bit Rate - How it determines quality and file size
   • Color Space - Rec 709, DCI P3 & Rec 2020
   • Color Bit Depth - 8bit vs. 10 bit color
   • Chroma Sampling - 4:2:2 & 4:4:4
   • HDR - How it uses metadata to improve color
   • Full Range vs Legal - When to use one or the other
   • Video Containers - mov, mxf & mp4

The Instructor:
Noah Chamow worked as an assistant editor and lead assist in reality television for 5 years working on projects including NBC's The Voice and CNBC's Restaurant Startup. During this time Noah created The Super Grouper, a multigrouping macro for Avid that is widely used in reality post production. Since that time Noah worked as a broadcast engineer at Geiger Post in Hollywood and is now the IO Supervisor at Level 3 Post in Burbank where he has helped to streamline and overhaul the company's IO department. In his free time Noah started and now runs Assistant Editors' Bootcamp (, a course for those working in or trying to break into post production.