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Pro Tools Tips & Shortcuts

Los Angeles

Address: Motion Picture Editors Guild, Dede Allen Seminar Room, 7715 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood


Learning new editing techniques and tricks on the job can sometimes be difficult. Since the editor’s job has to be done “yesterday,” there might not be enough time to learn new tricks to make the editor’s job faster and easier.

This workshop will help participants learn and practice some of the most frequently used Pro Tools shortcuts in the post-production world. In addition, the Pro Tools instructor will cover some tips and tricks in the latest Pro Tools software, practical exercises on editing techniques in Pro Tools.

Instructor Info
José “Chilitos” Valenzuela is a music/sound editor, sound designer, music composer, re-recording mixer, educator, and AVID Certified Pro Tools Master Instructor.

Chilitos is the founder of AudioGraph International, the first and only bilingual Pro Audio Training Center providing small-sized, intimate certification courses. He has helped place students in prestigious jobs in the industry both domestically and internationally. He has trained working professionals from corporations such as NBC Universal, 20th Century Fox, HBO, Univision, and Focusrite, among others, as well as professors of prestigious universities around the United States and Latin America.

Chilitos specializes in music production, audio for video post-production, mastering, and synthesis for sound design. In the last 25 years, he has worked on various TV and feature film projects as a sound designer, sound editor, dialog editor, and re-recording mixer.

In addition to being an acclaimed audio professional, he has written numerous instructional books such as- The Complete Pro Tools Handbook, The Complete Pro Tools Shortcuts, and his latest, The Complete Guide to Connecting Audio, Video and MIDI Equipment, among others.Paste option not working.

NOTE: Registering for this course takes place through the Eventbrite link below.  There is a $40 fee to reserve a spot which will be reimbursed upon completion of the class.  Registrants who don't show up for the class will not have the fee reimbursed.

The course will be conducted like a workshop where attendees will be working on an iMac workstation running Pro Tools 2018.7.   A waiting list will be created for this course, if there is a cancellation and you are on the list you will be contacted in the order in which you signed up.