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Los Angeles
10/08 Free Flu Shots (MPTF)
10/14 "The Martian" (MPEG Screening)
10/27 "Bridge of Spies" (Walt Disney Studios)
11/04 MPEG Membership Screening
New York
10/14 "The Martian" (MPEG Screening)
10/26 "Bridge of Spies" (Walt Disney Studios)

Piracy undermines our creative economy. Pirate sites account for 24% of global Internet traffic. In recent years, bandwidth consumed by piracy has increased 160%. Most major films are stolen and uploaded to a pirate site within days of their theatrical release. TV shows are often illegally uploaded within minutes of their first airing. CreativeFuture is mobilizing the creative community to speak up about the Value of Creativity. Click the link above to learn more.

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There are two ways to run one’s career: Take whatever opportunities come or pursue the ones you want. The former strategy might lead to an ideal situation, but it also might get you pigeonholed as the go-to editor of carpenter ant documentaries. Take the case of Elliot Graham, ACE, who’s relentless tenacity has brought him feature work as varied as 'X-Men 2,' 'Superman Returns,' 'Milk' and now 'Steve Jobs,' which opens in limited release October 9 through Universal Pictures.

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On a Saturday morning in the middle of August, Session Two of Partnerships in the Editing Room came together in the Dede Allen Seminar Room in Los Angeles to focus on the workflow issues of Unscripted Competition TV. Picture editor and Guild board member Mary DeChambres, a 2009 Editing Emmy winner for 'Project Runway' (2004-present) and currently editor on 'Project Runway All Stars' (2012-present), DeChambres introduced the three sets of panelists with clips from each of their shows.

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On Sunday afternoon, September 27, one week after the 67th Annual Primetime Emmys were awarded, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences’ Annual Emmy Prime Cuts program was presented at the Skirball Cultural Center’s Magnin Auditorium in Los Angeles. A panel of seven nominees, each representing one of the seven Picture Editing award categories, discussed the creative dynamics behind the work that brought them to Emmy attention.

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Summer 2015
Actor's Fund
Motion Picture & Television Fund

New Tax Credits Boost Filming In L.A. In Q3
On-location TV production hit a five-year high in the quarter, with 4,308 filming days. This is especially noteworthy since reality TV, which is still the region’s largest television production segment despite not being eligible for tax incentives, fell 20.2% in the third quarter to 1,259 shoot days.

SAG-AFTRA Members Authorize Strike Against Video Game Industry

Hollywood Gender Discrimination Investigation is on: EEOC Contacts Women Directors

Film Allman 'Misrepresented' Facts Repeatedly, Judge Ruled

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A Devisive Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Accord
Opponents in the United States see the pact as mostly a giveaway to business, encouraging further export of manufacturing jobs to low-wage nations while limiting competition and encouraging higher prices for pharmaceuticals and other high-value products by spreading American standards for patent protections to other countries. A provision allowing multinational corporations to challenge regulations and court rulings before special tribunals is drawing intense opposition.

Hillary Clinton Opposes Obama’s Trans-Pacific Trade Deal

Sanders Files Sweeping Labor Bill Eliminating ‘Right-To-Work’ Laws

Jobless Claims Approach a 42-Year Low

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"There is one challenge that arises on various shows. It’s when directors think that they have made a certain kind of film and begin referencing classic films and soundtracks when, in fact, they have made a film resembling none of them and it requires music unrelated to their imagined one."

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