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stewards’ Job Description

Guild stewards comprise the backbone of the union, keeping their fellow members informed of and involved in union activities, while also engaging and listening to their colleagues about issues and concerns in their workplaces and professional networks. Stewards have the crucial responsibility of facilitating clear and open communication between rank-and-file members and the union’s staff and elected leadership. Stewards work with Guild field representatives to remedy any contract violations or other workplace concerns.


Steward Responsibilities

  • Attend an initial stewards’ orientation. 
  • Attend quarterly stewards’ meetings.
  • Make direct (face-to-face, videoconference, telephone, or individual personal email) contact with each of the colleagues for whom they are responsible at least every two months.
  • Seek from the colleagues for whom they are responsible commitments for event attendance or other campaign activities on an as-needed basis.
  • Serve as an informal go-to person for colleagues with workplace concerns, relaying information to Guild staff as necessary.
  • Assist Guild field representatives in identifying and resolving contractual disputes with management.

Seek Nomination

If you think you would be a good fit, you can seek nomination as a Workgroup Steward by collecting signatures from a dozen Local 700 coworkers in your workgroup on a Workgroup Steward Nomination Petition. Alternatively, you can seek nomination as an At-Large Steward by collecting signatures from twenty Local 700 colleagues on an At-Large Steward Nomination Petition.


When you’ve collected your coworkers’ signatures, send a copy of the form to, with the subject line “Steward Nomination.”