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Coronavirus Information

Many companies are restricting non-essential travel, suggesting screening guidelines for international productions based on guidelines from the CDC, State Department and WHO. They are also suggesting people who are sick stay home. Precautions include frequent, 20-second hand washing, coughing into tissue, avoiding personal contact, and more frequent disinfection practices. Shows with live audiences are either eliminating them immediately or exploring ways to continue on without them.

Up-to-date information can be found at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention COVID-19 website:

The Studios are also discussing contingency plans if the State or Local governments restrict travel, gatherings of large groups, and/or filming permits. The IA is in daily contact with the employers as this situation evolves.

Below are studio policies regarding COVID-19 and resources that we have collected. As more arrive, we will continue to update this page.

Studio Safety Numbers

20th Century Fox 310‐369‐3000

ABC/Walt Disney 800‐832‐3389

CBS 818‐655‐6078

DreamWorks 818‐733‐6500

HBO 877‐742‐3044

IATSE Safety Hotline 844‐422‐9273

MGM/UA 800‐631‐5975

Netflix 844‐222‐1739

NBC/Universal 818‐777‐2153

Paramount 323‐956‐8955

Sony 888‐883‐7233

Turner Broadcasting 404‐878‐8774

Warner Bros. 818‐954‐2800

MPIPHP Updates

ExerUrgent Care (Updated 4/3/2020)

Telemedicine Benefit (Updated 3/30/2020)

Update (Updated 3/26/2020 with MPI revisions)

Update (Updated 3/19/2020)

Update (Updated 3/17/2020)

Coronavirus Information (Updated 3/15/2020)

Health Resources

Centers for Disease and Control prevention (CDC)
COVID19 Factsheet
COVID19 Symptoms
COVID19 Stop the spread of germs

California Dept. of Public Health
COVID-19 3.12.20

World Health Organization

Los Angeles County Dept. of Public Health

New York City

Financial Resources

IATSE Emergency Relief Fund

Actors Fund (Nationwide)
Info and Help

MPTF (West Coast)
Info and Help

First Entertainment Credit Union (West Coast)
Info and Help

Actors Federal Credit Union (East Coast)
Info and Help

Mental Health Resources

For Mental Health Resources, click here.


For Coronavirus FAQs, click here.

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