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Los Angeles
10/07 General Membership Meeting
10/08 Free Flu Shots (MPTF)
10/14 "The Martian" (MPEG Screening)
10/27 "Bridge of Spies" (Walt Disney Studios)
New York
10/07 General Membership Meeting
10/14 "The Martian" (MPEG Screening)
10/26 "Bridge of Spies" (Walt Disney Studios)

Piracy undermines our creative economy. Pirate sites account for 24% of global Internet traffic. In recent years, bandwidth consumed by piracy has increased 160%. Most major films are stolen and uploaded to a pirate site within days of their theatrical release. TV shows are often illegally uploaded within minutes of their first airing. CreativeFuture is mobilizing the creative community to speak up about the Value of Creativity. Click the link above to learn more.

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In the 1970s, she changed the way that American movies looked and felt. Today, she is regarded as one of the greatest of all film editors, but during her life, Dede Allen, ACE, was often the outsider — even sometimes seen as a threat. In her charming e-book biography 'Dede Allen: Editing the Cinema of Compassion,' Nancy LeMay details the artistic, political and psychological conditions that made Allen a major force in the second half of 20th century filmmaking.

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“Sound Design is storytelling — that may seem obvious, but it’s worth reminding ourselves on a regular basis,” keynote speaker Mark Mangini, MPSE (pictured), told the 500 attendees at October 26's The Art of Sound Design: Music, Effects and Dialogue in an Immersive World conference, hosted by Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City. “Sound editors and re-recording mixers should be authors of a film’s content, and take creative risks.” To see images from the conference, click the link above.

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A unique and highly successful collaboration has been developing during the past several years between dialogue/music re-recording mixer Chris Jenkins, and composer Tom Holkenborg — better known as Junkie XL, a moniker he picked up while serving as a musician/remixer/DJ in his native Holland. To date, Jenkins and Holkenborg have worked together on a number of landmark films, including' Man of Steel,' '300: Rise of Empire,' 'Mad Max: Fury Road' and the new 'Black Mass,' which opens September 18 through Warner Bros.

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Summer 2015
Actor's Fund
Motion Picture & Television Fund

HBO Rules 67th Emmys with ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Veep’ and ‘Olive Kitteridge’
It was HBO’s night, as “Game of Thrones” not only took home the outstanding drama series award at the 67th Emmys, it racked up a record 12 wins, the most for a show ever in a single year. Also winning big were perennial favorite “Veep,” which took outstanding comedy series, while limited series “Olive Kitteridge” won best limited series.

Hollywood Gender Discrimination Investigation is on: EEOC Contacts Women Directors

Film Allman 'Misrepresented' Facts Repeatedly, Judge Ruled

Handel: New Studio-Backed Union Contract Hurts Independent Producers

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A Devisive Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Accord
Opponents in the United States see the pact as mostly a giveaway to business, encouraging further export of manufacturing jobs to low-wage nations while limiting competition and encouraging higher prices for pharmaceuticals and other high-value products by spreading American standards for patent protections to other countries. A provision allowing multinational corporations to challenge regulations and court rulings before special tribunals is drawing intense opposition.

U.A.W. Warns Fiat Chrysler to Make Deal or Face Strike

Clinton Gets Endorsement of Largest U.S. Labor Union

Theroux: The Hypocrisy of ‘Helping’ the Poor

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"There is one challenge that arises on various shows. It’s when directors think that they have made a certain kind of film and begin referencing classic films and soundtracks when, in fact, they have made a film resembling none of them and it requires music unrelated to their imagined one."

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